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It is advisable to consult your physician prior to starting any physical fitness or exercise program.

Welcome to Patty's Programs and an alternate attitude about personal training. At a time when fitness is searching to create new and innovative systems, Patty's Programs has come to the forefront as a formula for success. My philosophy focuses in training the body and mind to work together toward the goal of overall fitness. My mission is to educate clients about exercise, diet and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Currently most exercise regimens are based on isolating muscles and exercising each area of the body individually rather than treating the body as an integrated whole.

As a seasoned trainer and fitness consultant I've encountered the need for a more integrated approach. In order to work on the whole person, my programs are infused with the discipline and principles of dance and the body and mind integration of Pilates and yoga. In effect clients are trained in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to achieving optimal fitness results.

Programs are tailored based on YOUR body’s needs and goals, graded from safe gentle exercise to a high level challenge.

Training integrates the Pilates Method with latest research into the management of musculoskeletal asymmetries and dysfunction.

Cutting edge medical research shows Pilates is beneficial for many types of pain relief, particularly chronic lower back. It improves posture and upper body awareness to reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Pre and post pregnancy guided sessions reduce lower back pain, prepare for labor and promote recovery.

So whether you want to get fit, or to improve your bodies overall wellness
Patty's Programs has everything you need.

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