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New York Times, April 2001

Long Island Woman, January 2002

Strong Magazine, Fall 2004

Club Magazine, September 2004

Patty's professionalism and knowledge is quite evident and appreciated. She is very attentive to detail and makes sure I am doing it properly to not injure myself. She has done magic with my 85 year old mother whose gait is much stronger and stable.I highly recommend working with Patty.

Carla Sadoff (Training with Patty’s Programs since 2014)

From the moment I met Patty I knew I was going to be in the best of hands. Since Pilates was new for me she really helped me through my sessions and has motivated me to live a happier and healthier lifestyle!!!

Meredith Campos (Training with Patty’s Programs since 2014)

Pilates Reformer has easily been the most challenging yet rewarding workout I've ever done. It's improved my strength, posture and flexibility in ways a mere trip to the weight room never could.

Brian Wilson (Training with Patty & Pilates Reformer since October 2002)

I am getting younger! I have lost 15 lbs, 2.5-3 pants sizes; have increased my strength, energy, coordination and balance. I have also greatly lowered my cholesterol and a returned from a barely elevated blood pressure to a normal BP. These exercise routines have enhanced other types of activities including swimming, cycling and paddleball and even made easier some heavy lifting required at my business. My wife notices the changes in the shape of my body and muscle tone. Need I say more!

Jimmy Kay (Training with Patty & Pilates Reformer since June 2003)

Since working on the Pilates Reformer I feel that I have more strength & flexibility overall. I used to suffer from lower back pain and the exercises strengthened my back and abs. I feel as if Pilates exercise energizes me, unlike weight lifting that takes energy away.

Eran Mertens (Training with Patty & Pilates Reformer since September 2002)
Starting off on my journey to health two and a half years ago I was barely able to work on the bikes and couldn't walk the treadmill. Now I exercise in classes five days a week. I credit Patty with giving me the courage & motivation to get this far. I participate in Patty's yoga & Pilates group classes, and also personal train with her. Patty has a calm demeanor. She gives precise instructions that make sense. She gives enough time for starting and ending a class with stretching. Patty has the incredible ability to make me feel that even in a group class she is talking to me personally. She knows what I'm going through, and what muscles are working in my body at any time. Patty is the best there is!

–Elena Golan (Training with Patty’s Programs since 2002)

I started training on the Pilates Reformer with Patty Maraldo over 2 years ago. She is so easy to work with especially when struggling with new exercises. I progressed rapidly. When in class with Patty you feel like you are training one-on-one although there often 6 clients in the room. Her routine is so smoothly executed the session is almost painless! My core has become exceptionally strong and my tight hamstrings are actually becoming more flexible. This has helped me become more efficient and very effective in my extremely disciplined strength training routine. The addition of Pilates has made the difference in my body that I have been looking for. At 46 years old I have never felt better it is thanks to Patty Maraldo.

–Victoria Fries, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (Training with Patty since 2003)

Patty is a very informed, attentive, careful instructor. I have taken semi-private Pilates reformer group classes, one-on-one reformer sessions, and group strengthen and stretch classes with Patty. She is the best teacher bar none. She is always prepared. The classes are never boring and always challenging. She is also attentive to everyone's individual and always changing needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My strength and endurance have increased and I owe it all to her.

–Susanne Giarraputo (Training with Patty’s Programs since 2000)

I know that Patty’s Programs have changed me inside and out. I feel balanced and straighter when I stand, sit or walk. I feel like my inner spirit has been worked and calmed down. I feel more connected physically as well as mentally. I have taken off inches and whittled my body in all the right places. The one thing that I love about Patty's group classes is that she can look around the room and give instruction as if she were speaking solely to me. She keys in and tells me to move a certain muscle that makes me work better and feel better. I really believe she is a sculptress in disguise! I believe I will continue to do Pilates for the rest of my life because of what Patty has taught me.

–Joanne Baker (Training with Patty’s Programs since 2005)

I took Pilates classes for close to 4 years. During that time I worked with 5 different instructors. But working with Patty was a different experience--she is not an instructor, she is a teacher. Her knowledge surpassed the others but her ability to communicate it is what really separates her from the other instructors. Patty conducts her classes with both professionalism and personal involvement. I was so fortunate to be able to learn from her & benefit from her extraordinary talent & expertise.

–Stacy Treuber (Training with Patty since 2002)

Patty is a truly excellent Pilates instructor who uses individualized programs geared to specific issues. Despite the hard work, she makes it enjoyable and fun. Although I grumble a bit during class, I truly love it and look forward to each and every session. Because of Patty's efforts, my posture has improved, I am stronger, more flexible and have better balance. Patty is a true professional and I would recommend her without reservation.

– Maxine Stromberg (Training since 2012)


I can’t say enough about the individual attention Patty Maraldo  gives to each of her clients. She assesses the way our bodies work, the way they move – and then tailors a very specific session. She is so quick to assess accurately that she can actually do this mid-session if she notices an area that needs work.
Some background:  About seven years ago I read an article describing  Pilates and thought “that’s for me.” As a woman in my early fifties I wanted  training that would  strengthen and lengthen my body and improve my posture as I aged - to avoid injuries and osteoporosis.  And to keep up my energy level.
Although I had been a gym member for years,  I never liked personal trainers, mostly because too many of them instruct on a one-size-fits-all basis.  Right away I could tell Patty was different. She told me things about the way my body moved – and didn’t – that I had never heard after years at the gym.
She has also creates a sense of community around her studio, unlike any  I have ever seen.  People who attend her sessions also attend the health-related events she hosts - and become friends.  But making friends is not required. And private thought and mindfulness is encouraged during sessions, be they private or duets.
Now, at 59, I feel stronger than I have ever felt and young for my age. By using my core, as Patty has instructed, I can lift the heaviest of packages without injury. At Penn Station,  I hold in my core and scoot around other commuters with great speed. My bones are fine, no deterioration since I began doing Pilates with Patty Maraldo. I hope to be taking sessions with her into my nineties -- and beyond!

– Barbara Fischkin (Training since 2007)